Affiliate Information

Jayrcm Store affiliate program is part of the Advertising Fee Schedule ("Schedule") operating agreement that governs your participation in the affiliate program. This schedule describes the advertising fee rates that you can earn as a participant in the program. Jayrcm Store Affiliate Program also describes the limitations that apply to earning advertising fees on certain products.

From time to time, we can change the affiliate list of this Jayrcm Store as per our wish. We can change the commission given in it as per our wish. Not all capitalized terms used below are defined on this page, the meanings given to them in the operating agreement.

Join Our Affiliate Program

-        Visit Jayrcm Store

-        Click on Affiliate Programme that you seen in the footer

-        Fill your details and Verify Your Details

-        Now Go to the Product Section and Copy the promote link

Earn Cash for Referring and Promoting

We love our customers & all those who help us promote our products. The commission you earn is our way of thanking you.

Your Audience Love

During each calendar month, you can earn advertising fees for qualifying purchases. Most advertising fees are calculated as a percentage of qualifying locations based on the tables below and are subject to the limitations described in "Limitations on advertising fee rates for certain products". We may also pay advertising fees in the form of bounties or other special offers, as described in the "Special offers and promotions" section below. The minimum amount for withdrawal of payout is Rs.300 rupees. We release the amount of affiliate on 10th of each months.

Fixed Advertising Rates for Specific Product Categories

Product Category
Fixed Advertising Rates
Rcm ID Card7% /Per Bucket Order
Rcm Tools5% /Per Bucket Order
Digital Tools
14% /Per Bucket Order
Harit Sanjivani
6% /Per Bucket Order
4% /Per Bucket Order

From time to time different types of categories will come here, we can change all those categories according to our wishes and change them.

In this we have the same type of coupon codes. If you want to promote the product by creating your own coupon code, then we give you complete discounts for this. You can contact us so that we can give you a By using different coupon codes for you, you can promote products to earn a good affiliate  income by promoting the product.

We may notify you about these exclusions, rate changes, special offers or promotions by updating this page or through emails, blog posts, or other means.