Return Policy Page

Refund Policy

We Proudly announced that if any user purchases any product from Jayrcm Store then Refund Policy will be applicable.

Terms and Conditions About Refund Policy

When anyone purchases any product  from the Jayrcm store, they are applicable  for a refund from Jayrcm, but they must accept these conditions that are as follows :

- When you order any product from Jayrcm Store, If you are not satisfied with our product quality and reliability then you ask for a refund from us.

- If you purchase any physical product, a refund will be acceptable, When a physical product is returned to us. It is valid for within 7 Days, After 7 Days it is not accepted.

- If you purchase any digital product, a refund will be acceptable.It is Valid for 7 Days when you purchase the digital product, After 7 Days it is not applicable.

- If you purchase any product, a refund amount will be credited to your wallet within 7 Days. It is applicable when we approve the refund request.

- If the physical product is reached to the customer then the customer is not satisfied with the product quality then he gets the refund when the product is reached to us. Return Product must be in a new condition then it is refunded otherwise refund is not possible.

- If Applicants do not use Coupon Code on Rcm Comparison Book then after applicant demand to refund the amount of Coupon Code. That is not Applicable in any way. This is against our refund and privacy policy.

Note : If any product does not reach any customer due to any conditions such as technical issue , confusion, etc., then Jayrcm is payable to refund for that customers:

How to Create a Refund Query ?
- First of all, Login in your Jayrcm Store.
- Click on Dashboard.
- Click on Purchase History
- Click on Order ID
- Click on Send.
- Enter Your Reason why you get a refund.
- Click on Submit Request.

Now Your Order has been set for Approval to Jayrcm Store Team. As Soon they approve your refund request then your refund is credited to your wallet within 7 Days.

Mismatching in Address

If the person has given his address wrong or for some reason his product is returned to us, then he will not get a refund. 

- Charges for sending physical products will be given by us. This is a facility given by Jayrcm Store to their customers.It is applicable for those products that return to us.

- But in this case, when you fill the wrong address or data then the reward point is deducted from your wallet.

Return Policy

If any physical product of Jayrcm store reaches the customer and he wants to get a refund by returning it, then we accept it but you have to accept our these conditions that are as follow:

- The user must return the physical product to the Jay Rcm store in the new condition. If the product is not in good condition then the product amount will not be refunded by Jayrcm Store after returning to us.

- If the product is in a new state then Jayrcm Refunded you that amount in your Jayrcm Store wallet but you have followed some steps that we mentioned above in the refund policy. Amount is taken to credit in your wallet upto 7 Days.

- If any Physical Product is returned to us by mismatching in the customer data that is filled by the user. Then, Jayrcm Store tries to send that physical Product again.

- When any customer tries to send a return product to Jayrcm Store then the courier cost is not given by Jayrcm Store. This cost will be applicable by the customer.

Important Note : This Refund and Return Policy is Created on 08 April, 2021. Jayrcm Store has full authority to change it. This return and refund policy is changed from time to time by Jayrcm Store.